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I am focused on framing complex problem spaces and developing solutions through human-first approaches.

🏆 Recently:

My AI Digital Product was featured among the top 10 projects and was exhibited at the Artificial Intelligence, Design, and Art exhibition in New York, in collaboration with The New School and LG Electronics and was invited to a Morning Show to talk about it

I worked on an award-winning brand strategy project for Mode at Gretel, that won ADC Awards.

I also worked on the Low Earth Orbit Economic Development Strategy for NASA. 

Along with that, I have a Master of Science Deg
ree in Strategic Design and Management from Parsons School of Design.

Recent Projects

Ripple is an Interviewing Platform, backed by empathetic Artificial Intelligence

LaunchPad is one-stop-shop platform for Businesses in Low Earth Orbit, powered by NASA



I am a design enthusiast, with a sharp eye on strategy and incredibly passionate about the intersection of design, humanity and technology. I believe this harmonious trio can play an enormously important role in solving the most pressing problems in the world, even ill-structured ones. 


I am over-curious, on a continuous journey of searching for wows. These wow moments have shaped me into a visionary design strategist: I have lived and worked in many countries, have walked in somebody’s shoes many times, and have held different positions across an expansive range of industries. With all of that combined, I am able to see systems, the big picture, the roots of the problems, and things underneath the surface. 

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