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Spacecraft in Orbit

Strategic Development of Low Earth Orbit Economy for NASA

Design Strategy
Design Research

Through the partnership with NASA and the Parsons School of Design, my team and I have worked on the strategic development of the Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Economy. 

LEO economy is the future getaway into deep space exploration and better innovations on Earth and Space. It will also help the planet create sustainable supply chains and support the development of various economies on Earth.


NASA has announced its plan to de-orbit ISS from LEO in 2031; NASA’s goal is to be one of many customers in a robust commercial marketplace in LEO, where cargo and crew transportation, as well as the destinations, are available as services to the agency. This will allow NASA to buy the services it needs from commercial companies for microgravity research and technology demonstrations while the agency explores the Moon and Mars. Hence, we have asked ourselves the question: What is the new LEO economy, and what is NASA’s role within it?


During 15 weeks, we have done extensive research about space strategic development, have identified challenges and opportunities, and proposed the concept of the development of many economies rather than a single economy. We have created a wide range of solutions.We have designed several prototypes, I have specifically worked on LaunchPad a one stop shop for gathering information and starting a business in LEO Economy. 

Link to full presentation publication here

Link to detailed LaunchPad strategy here


Tools and Methods
Desktop Research, Brainstorming workshops, Storyboards, Customer Journey Maps, Concept Mapping, Affinity Clustering, Statement Starter Questions, Contextual Inquiry, Low-Fidelity and High-Fidelity Wireframes, Persona Development, Stakeholder Mapping, . Figma, Miro, Canva. 


My role
Design Researcher and Strategist


Redefining NASA' Brief


From Economy to Economies

Prototype Development

Supporting new businesses in LEO- LAUNCHPAD APP wireframes

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