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Design Sprint

Communication Strategy for Elastic Search

Search is foundational to many of the experiences we have every day, may it be searching for a taxi on Uber or browsing Netflix. But it goes deeper than we might realize. The power of search is much more than search boxes and the top 10 results. In fact, there's a good chance that many of the problems we face each day are actually search problems that Elastic can help solve. 


As Elastic is establishing itself as a software company with a ready to use cloud platform, the current marketing challenge is that for someone who is not familiar with Elasticsearch and Elastic stack, it would be nearly impossible to understand what the product is and how it can help their company. 


Elastic was seeking to design communication, marketing and engagement strategies that leverage customer knowledge, activities and interest, allow for personalization of content as per customer needs, and broaden potential customers that could range from developers to business audiences to private homes.  

During the 3 weeks, we have built an overall communication strategy for both internal and external partners, stakeholders and customers. 

Brand Pyramid, brand personality and voice, stakeholder map, communication strategy.

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