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Startup Development and Hospitality Experiences

Alvani Inn | Cultural Startup Guesthouse

Alvani Inn is located at the the beginning of of the most adventurous route to the Caucasus Mountains. Due to the high demand for guest services and lack of preferred supply,visitors struggled to find a place to stay where they would experience local

culture and get exposed to and participate in traditional activities.


Guesthouses in the area mainly offered limited stay only and visitors did not have a sense of culture and rich traditions- the main ingredients people visit the area. 



I have decided to tap the market need and offer authentic experiences where

guests would be exposed to local food, traditions and art, history and would

have full support on tour planning as there is insufficient information, especially in English. I wrote the business plan and have applied to several local and international funding opportunities and I won international grants such as Enterprise Georgia, USAID Zrda, Elkana, Ehotespace (where we developed our own booking website) and have launched a start-up guesthouse.


Tools and Methods

I have worked on the look and feel of the area, the customer journey, guest experiences, masterclass planning, communication guidelines, and social presence so that every guest would feel at home far away from home.

Link to our website:  

Link to Alvani Inn Experiences Overview here

Alvani Inn logo inspiration comes from the Caucasian Mountains

A top view of Alvani

Specious room with extra bright windows

Alvani Inn garden is full of flowers starting from spring and guests can enjoy all the recreational facilities: outside sitting, hammocks, Wi-Fi, yard, on spot local lore store and so many more. 

You may book the rooms through, via text or call, via social media or Alvani Inn website. 

Cooking masterclass of traditional food Khinkali

Alvani Inn is surrounded with breathtaking views of Caucasian mountains, this is 2 minutes walk from our place.

We help our guests to plan tours across kakheti and Tusheti area, including transportation, places to see, accommodation, food recommendations and etc for free.

The yard overviews our grape garden and guests may taste locally made home wine from our vineyard.

The details that make the place cozy

I have won USAID ZRDA Grant, Elkana Grant, LAG Akhmeta Grant,  Enterprise Georgia Grant, Ehotelspace grants to start the company, all total 50k+

Traditions are in our core and we make sure that the guests have the most local experiences in terms of food and culture. 

Book through Alvani Inn website

Guest talk over wine: 

"We wish we could stay longer"

Our grandfather wrote:

"When a guest comes sun rises, when a guest leaves dark clouds appear"

and we host every guest with this philosophy. 

Book your getaway!

See you soon!

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