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Moving People
Design Strategy

Empowering the role of data storytelling in creative economy

In Collaboration with WESTAF and Parsons School of Design, my team has worked on and proposed the future development strategy for CVSuite in order to enhance the value of Data Storytelling.


The Brief

It is the mission of WESTAF and CVSuite to add the most value possible to moving the emergent and rapidly growing field of the creative economy forward. CVSuite does this through a delicate balance of serving as a resource and thought leader in the creative sector; however, the two require different sets of resources, strategies, and priorities.

In addition, CVSuite can’t exist as a leader in the creative economy and social impact innovation space without generating revenue. How might CVSuite help advance the creative economy, be the leading resource of creative economy data, maintain its reputation as a creative economy thought leader and still be financially prosperous for its stakeholders?


We have created a brand pyramid, brand persona and brand voice, customer experience strategy and community platform concept for artists in order to amplify their presence in the industry and to become a top of mind for customers. See detailed work below. 

Tools and Methods:
Secondary Research, Brainstorming workshops, Storyboards, Customer Journey Map, Brand Development, Engagement Roadmap, Low-Fidelity Wireframes, Triangulation of mixed research methods, Mural, Canva, Asana.

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