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Platform For Artists

Artvol is a place where you can gather art pieces from all over the world and create your vol 1, vol 2, vol 3 or endless volumes of art. 



There are many, unappreciated artists in the world, who are creating very interesting and inspirational pieces and which are not yet known to the public. These people, do know usually have skills or capacity to put their work online and that's why Artvol was created. The goal is finding out authentic artists and enthusiasts, who are making transformational shifts in today's definition of art.


Me and my business partner have decided to gather all those unique pieces of unknown artists from all over the world and create a platform that connects and empowers artists across the globe. I worked on brand development and currently designing marketing materials, I have also built e-commerce platform and the brand will be officially launched soon, right now we are processing under soft opening. 

Link to website:

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