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The App that connects immigrants with locals

Design Research
Design Strategy
New Product Development

Immigrants face biases and racism and feel isolated when coming to NYC and it makes cultural assimilation difficult. As a result they have hard times adapting to the country, new culture and are the victims of stereotypes. Some of them have lived in the city for years, but they still do not understand local, rich culture and they have hard time making friends. Thus, they tend to have hard times in many work or life situations and are disconnected from the people around them. 



We have developed an app that connects local people with immigrants. A buddy system based on interests, food, places, etc. You choose your local buddy based on what your needs are, for example if you want to go some places with someone, you just look up in the app and do not feel alone to visit and do certain activities. Experiences become more emotional and alive. 

See full report here 

Check the app prototype here


Tools and Methods
Secondary research, User interviews, Persona development, Storyboards, Empathy maps, Customer journey map, Low and high fidelity wireframes, Value Chain, Business model canvas, testing, budgeting, branding, Mural, Figma, Canva


Strategist and Design Researcher

Let's Start with George's Journey

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